Hooray! After about a year of saying that I was going to create a website, it finally is happening. The procrastination has finally come to an end! (Kind of anyway) The website is still in works and is taking a good bit of time, I’m getting to it when I can between juggling full time work, teaching yoga, spending time with my loved ones and of course creating and bringing crafty ideas to life. I’m not much of a writer and I haven’t used proper grammar in a long time so please excuse me as I take the process to freshen myself up on it! :D

As for site content I will be having an online shop that will contain artwork and crafts, the shop will be in works for a while and most likely will be readily available in 2016 due to building an inventory of goodies! On top of that a gallery to view past work, a little bit about the creator, and this little blog!  This section I have the idea of sharing my thoughts and experiences, yoga, maybe some DIYS and other things that I really love. I don't promote stuff too often on Instagram, but I want to take the chance on here to really show my support for businesses that I honestly and genuinely love! 

This is all very new to me and will take some time to get used to, but I am so incredibly excited to jump into it! I hope that you will enjoy this little space that I have created to share ideas, inspirations and thoughts. Till next time!




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