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The goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, and the arts is known for her patience and calm temperament. She encourages one to dissolve conflict with intelligent wisdom rather than anger or violence. She will however fight for just reasons and stands for Law and Justice. Athena is strong, independent, fierce and brave.

Mandala, meaning circle in Sanskrit, symbolizes unity and harmony. With each creation being individual and unique their meanings too will vary. The mandala allows us to slink into mediation while serving as a tool on our spiritual journey. 

Additional Information: 
Acrylic paint on a 17in tall triangular canvas
Hand painted gold mandala on a glossy magenta, purple, orange, and gold metallic aura

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this piece will ship via UPS only
please allow 7-12 business days for shipping

Please Note: Due to its handmade nature each piece will contain their own unique perfections and imperfections. 

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