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: Fortuna :

As her name implies, Fortuna was the Roman Goddess of luck, fate, and fortune. Fortuna has been depicted in a variety of ways but most commonly with a cornucopia or a horn of plenty, representing all good things flowered in abundance which links her to her ability to bestow prosperity. Sometimes she was depicted blind, as acknowledgement that good fortune and luck does not always come to those who seem to most deserve it. 

Mandala, meaning circle in Sanskrit, symbolizes unity and harmony. With each creation being individual and unique their meanings too will vary. The mandala allows us to slink into mediation while serving as a tool on our spiritual journey. 

Additional Information: 

Acrylic paint on a 10 x 30 inch stretched canvas 

Hand painted silver mandala on a glossy purple, green, teal, white, and gold aura

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please allow 7-12 business days for shipping

Please Note: Due to its handmade nature each piece will contain their own unique perfections and imperfections. 

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