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Custom Chakra Flower Set

Custom Chakra Flower Set

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Seven gold chakras painted on 8 x 8in canvas panels, which look beautiful when displayed framed or un-framed. 

There are seven major energetic centers within the body that interweave and connect our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Each chakra correlates to a major physical area on our bodies that govern certain emotional and spiritual properties. 
Crown - Located at the top of the head. 
represents our ability to be connected spiritually. 

Third Eye - Located in between the eyebrows on the forehead.
connects us to our intuition. allowing us to see the "bigger picture".

Throat - Located in below the chin and above the collar bones, within the neck.
connects us to our communication center and allows us to tell our truth and be expressive through creating. 

Heart - Located in the center of your chest.
our ability to open to love, joy, and compassion.

Solar Plexus - Located just below the Heart Chakra and above the navel. 
represents the connection to our self-esteem and the ability to be confident and control in our lives.

Sacral - Located just below the navel. 
connects us to our ability to accept others, our well-being, and pleasure.

Root - Located at the base of the spine. 
represents our foundation, feelings related to being grounded, and security

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Please Note: Due to its handmade nature each piece will contain their own unique perfections and imperfections.